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Save Big on Maui Golf
"Insider's Guide to Maui Golf"

Save Big on Kauai Golf
"Insider's Guide to Kauai Golf"

More Golf • Less Green!

While far from the only golf destination in the world, Hawaii is certainly the most alluring. Sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean 3,000 miles from North America and even further from Asia, it is also the most isolated. Perhaps that explains why there is so little useful information available about Hawaii’s golf courses.

With more than 70 golf courses on six islands, you’d think you could walk into any fine bookstore, slap down a few bucks and start researching that golf vacation you’ve been fantasizing about for years. It certainly seems the information gap is even greater than the gap of ocean between you and your fantasy.

Enter HawaiiGolfDeals GOLFHAWAIICARD. We endeavor to bridge the gap. Simply put, we deliver useful information about selected Hawaii golf courses while at the same time bringing value to your game. Now, that’s a novel concept in the publishing world.

Here’s how it works! We visit and play all of the golf courses in Hawaii. Shortly thereafter, we begin the process of enticing selected courses into the program. Call, visit, cajole, e-mail, call, fax, call, grovel, call, e-mail, visit, fax, call… And then, several times, we repeat the process all over again.

Eventually, we convince some of our target golf properties that you can’t wait to play their course. Unfortunately, the resulting hair loss is about to set our intrepid publisher back several grand for hair replacement.

Fortunately for you, my loss is your gain. Just comb through the HUGE SAVINGS (on unlimited golf with cart). We even impart the ubiquitous “useful information.” You can’t brush these deals aside. Yes, unlimited golf with few, if any, restrictions and absolutely no surcharges.

And we’re talking about wonderful courses that meet our standards for design, aesthetics, service, maintenance (an occasional bald spot is not repulsive) and value. If you haven’t played our fabulous roster of GOLFHAWAIICARD courses, then you don’t know what you’re missing? If you have, you know the only thing better than the courses themselves are the value programs we’ve put together at our hair-raising peril.

So, what do you have to do?

Just comb through this truly amazing website. Put each incredible value program to memory and repeat this phrase 18 or more times: I can’t believe how much more golf I can play in Hawaii with the HUGE SAVINGS I’ll receive with my GOLFHAWAIICARD.

Now, click GET IT NOW, which takes you to “Shop HawaiiGolfDeals,” and please follow the ordering procedure. That was easy! You only pay us for the subscription(s). Golf fees are paid for at the individual golf properties using exclusive rates only available to HawaiiGolfDeals subscribers.

Please remember, in order to expand and improve our programs, we need your help! Here’s how: (1) Only patronize HawaiiGolfDeals GOLFHAWAIICARD courses; (2) If you have the unbelievably bad judgment to play a course outside of our program, request the best deal or special available and make it a point to ask the director of golf or head pro why they are not participating in the GolfHawaiiCard program,. Then, be sure to announce how many rounds you’re playing elsewhere.

Oh yes, when visiting our participating HawaiiGolfDeals’ GOLFHAWAIICARD golf courses, please refrain from boisterous displays of intense satisfaction upon realizing how much you are saving. The guy behind you is probably paying a whole lot more and we don’t want things to get too hairy.

Dave Mills, Publisher

We can deliver our Rush GHC Certificate(s) via email, within 24 hours for a small additional fee

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Since 1994, tens of thousands of golf traveler’s have enjoyed HawaiiGolfDeals’ unique golf programs and discounts for singles, twosomes, foursomes & groups. Our HGD Travel Service is the one and only source of comprehensive info and real value-driven packages that can include air, vehicle and/or lodging (+ golf) for the perfect Hawaii golf vacation; Our exclusive GOLFHAWAIICARDyour ticket to unbeatable year-round savings & unlimited golf — delivers the ultimate Hawaii golf experience on The Big Island & Oahu; And our Insider’s Guide to Maui Golf & Insider’s Guide to Kauai Golf offer valuable money-saving advice. With HawaiiGolfDeals, it's always... More Golf • Less Green!

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