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HawaiiGolfDeals subscribers may receive a refund under the following terms & conditions:

Subscribers must call 1-818-377-5220 to begin the refund process. Please leave a message and we will get back to you promptly.

GOLFHAWAIICARD(s) must be returned to at an address we will provide when we speak with you. The date of mailing must be no later than the subscriber’s previously indicated date of departure for Hawaii on the original order form.

With the exception of GOLFHAWAIICARD(s), subscribers may retain all supporting collateral (newsletters, brochures and other printed materials sent to you with your original order)—compliments of

Each subscription refund will be processed less a $10 per-order processing fee and $5 per-subscriber/person return fee.

In the alternative, we can re-issue replacement GOLFHAWAIICARD(s) for your next visit to The Big Island or Oahu at no charge whatsoever, and we will pick up the regular shipping. All you have to do is send us an email with your new date of departure (this year or next) when you finish planning your next visit. However, you will still need to send us your current GOLFHAWAIICARD(s) by regular mail and it must be postmarked no later than your original date of departure.

Refunds never include any fees for RUSH SERVICE or RUSH SHIPPING paid with the original order, if any there be.

If you received Rush GHC Certificates, we can only make partial refunds based on a provable reason for not making your trip. Cancelled airline tickets, doctor’s notes and death certificates will be considered. No matter what, we will send notice of your trip cancellation to our participating golf courses with your name and subscriber numbers on or about the date you were to depart for The Big Island or Oahu.

NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED ONCE THE SUBSCRIBER HAS ARRIVED IN HAWAII OR RETURNED FROM THEIR TRIP (except for extenuating circumstances of provable medical condition or death in the family).

How Refunds Are Issued
If you paid by:                          Your refund will go to:                      After your return is processed:
Credit Card                               credit card utilized                              within 3-5 business days
Check                                              you via check                                     within 10 business days

Please call the phone number listed above to begin the refund process and we will provide mailing information (if applicable) at that time.

There are NO REFUNDS for our exclusive INSIDER’S GUIDE TO MAUI GOLF or our INSIDER’S GUIDE TO KAUAI GOLF due to the nature of the items. However, if you send proof of cancellation of your visit to either island, we will send a complimentary copy of the applicable guide for the following year when it becomes available.

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