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Car Rentals in Hawaii

1. Shop & Compare Your Car Rental In Hawaii One of the most common errors shoppers who are looking for a car rental in Hawaii make is failing to shop and compare rental options thoroughly. The first deal you find is not likely to be the best deal. Explore as many options as you can, […]


THE BIG ISLAND: “The Golf Capital of Hawaii”

Hawaii Island (aka The Big Island) is one of the most fascinatingly surreal places on Earth. At twice the size of the other islands combined, and with only 120,000 residents, the Big Island also offers big time excitement whether golf or any number of other activities is your passion. Natural Wonders At its southeast shore, […]

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HAWAII GOLF: The Real Story

Let’s Take the Temperature The most isolated islands on the planet may not seem to be the first choice for a golf vacation, but it’s hard to ignore the best weather on the planet, which IS what you’ll find when visiting the Aloha State.  It’s virtually impossible to beat temperatures of 77-79° in the winter […]

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Best Advice for a Hawaii Golf Vacation

HawaiiGolfDeals’ GolfHawaiiCard is—”Your ticket to unbeatable year-round savings and unlimited Hawaii golf.” As a response to the vociferous demands of thousands of Hawaii-bound golfers looking for useful information, sound advice and sensational values, we offer our Hawaii Golf Vacation advisory to all current and prospective HawaiiGolfDeals’ subscribers and GolfHawaiiCard holders. Why are we the best at what we do? The […]



NO CONTEST—Hawaii’s Big Island (aka Hawaii Island). With several accessible resort courses and four daily fee venues on the Kona/Kohala Coast side of the island, a comparison to the other three major islands leaves the others coming up way short. The lopsidedness of the argument not only extends to the sheer number of courses (10), […]


Golf In The Aloha State

No one knows precisely when the game of golf came to the most isolated islands on earth. By some accounts it was in the late 1800s, when descendants of missionaries whacked small spheres around a field in the Manoa Valley of Oahu. But in 1898, two events occurred that would eventually lead to the emergence […]


Talking Hawaii golf with Dave Mills

As you can see by this recent article in Travel Weekly, we are the Hawaii golf vacation experts. Tovin Lapan interviews our own Dave Mills about golf vacations, golf courses, and tips on traveling. Read the full article, “Talking Hawaii golf with Dave Mills,” here.


Specialist’s advice to agents: Become a golf expert, or find one

Shane Nelson, Travel Weekly’s contributing editor for Hawaii, interviewed our own Dave Mills about his favorite golf courses and information for travel agents and golfers looking for an easy way to play unlimited golf in Hawaii. Read the full article, “Specialist’s advice to agents: Become a golf expert, or find one“, here.

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