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Car Rentals in Hawaii


1. Shop & Compare Your Car Rental In Hawaii

One of the most common errors shoppers who are looking for a car rental in Hawaii make is failing to shop and compare rental options thoroughly. The first deal you find is not likely to be the best deal. Explore as many options as you can, compare prices, and read reviews. For the most part, all the major Hawaii rental agencies carry the same quality of vehicles and deliver good service. For golfers, we always strongly recommend a car with a trunk, which allows you to store golf clubs in the secure trunk. If you have multiple passengers, be sure to select an SUV with a pullover lid to hide clubs and other items. Minivans are great for moving around, but difficult to hide your clubs at when out and about and at night. Upon receiving your HawaiiGolfDeals’ GOLFHAWAIICARD, we tell you the best four rental websites to visit, and rarely is there a better deal to find. And, it is likely that most of these providers will not even be on your radar. If you purchase a golf vacation package through our auspices, the absolute best vehicle deal will always be bundled in the overall package.

2. When Renting a Car in Hawaii, Read The Fine Print

Never overlook the fine print in your rental agreement. Pay close attention to terms related to mileage restrictions, fuel policies, late return fees, and other important considerations to avoid surprises upon return of the vehicle. Virtually every vehicle rental contract in Hawaii includes unlimited mileage.

3. Be Wary of Hidden Fees & Charges associated with Hawaii Vehicle Rentals

Hidden fees and charges can quickly inflate the cost of your car rental in Hawaii. Like the advice in the section above, prior to booking, and upon pickup, carefully review the Terms & Conditions, and carefully investigate additional charges such as insurance, fuel fees, and surcharges for additional drivers or returning the vehicle to a different location.

4. Make Sure Your Insurance Needs are Addressed

Insurance coverage protects you and your finances. Therefore, understanding any existing coverage you have, and how it works when you travel, is imperative. You may already have sufficient coverage from your personal auto coverage and umbrella policy, or from your credit card with the best vehicle rental provisions. If a U.S resident, you will often have plenty of coverage on your personal policies and credit card coverage of your deductibles. Examine those existing options first and it may save you quite a bit. If you need to purchase insurance with your rental, make sure you are fully advised, ask questions, and choose wisely!

5. Always Inspect your Vehicle rental Carefully:

Most of the time in Hawaii, you can choose the vehicle on the lot from the category you purchased. So, examine the various applicable vehicles thoroughly. We like the Nissan Altima and Hyundai Sonata due to spacious trunks and excellent gas mileage. Toyota Corolla and Camry are also good choices, and the Chevy Malibu is quite roomy. Before exiting the lot, thoroughly inspect the rental car for any pre-existing damage and document it with photos and on the written report agencies provide. Any damage should also be pointed out to the agent at the exit gate. Even if the gate agent says a ding or scratch is acceptable, take a phone photo and mark it on the written report. Failure to do so will likely leave you liable for damages that occurred before you took possession of the vehicle.

6. NEVER Pre-Purchase the Fuel Option on vehicle rentals

This might be a great option if you know you’ll be returning your vehicle with only a couple of gallons left in the tank, but that is NOT a recommended strategy. Fill up your vehicle to the max before heading to the airport and do not expect gas stations near the airport. And if there are, like on Oahu (HNL), they will be extremely pricey. Most Costco’s in Hawaii have gas and are generally the best available members-only price.

7. What to do about Additional Drivers on vehicle rentals

Lots of confusion on this topic, so read carefully. It appears that on Jan. 19, 2024, a Bill was introduced in the Hawaii State Legislature to amend Statute Section 437D as follows: Motor vehicle rental car additional driver fee for spouse; prohibition. A lessor shall not charge a fee for the lessee's spouse to be an additional driver; provided that the spouse is a licensed driver and satisfies the lessor's minimum age requirement for authorized drivers." It could become law soon (or not). Whether or not it is, someone other than a co-insured spouse or domestic partner may well have to pay an Additional Driver Fee. Therefore, choose a provider that includes an additional driver in the deal (some do). Or, limit your excursions to one driver to save $10-$15 per-day, but often with a max spend. Hawaii is also considered a “no-fault state,” which means your motor vehicle insurance carrier will pay the bills for your injuries and your passengers’ injuries up to the personal injury protection benefits (“PIP”) limit. If you are a resident of any country other than the U.S., there are different rules and circumstances.

8. Late Returns:

Returning your rental vehicle late can result in unexpectedly high fees, so be sure to budget enough time for your return trip. Generally, most agencies allow a one-hour grace period. However, if you anticipate running late, give a call to the rental agency to make them aware you have an issue and get a name.
Take our advice and do your research, and you’ll be rewarded with a more efficient and less expensive Hawaii Car rental experience.

DISCLAIMER: This post is intended to be informative. Please be sure to check with your auto insurance carrier, insurance agent, credit card carriers, and rental agency. If you are confused or unsure regarding any part of the vehicle rental and/or insurance process, be sure to read carefully and ask questions at the rental agency you choose. HawaiiGolfDeals is not responsible for any issues that may occur with your rental vehicle or insurance choices.

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