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2024 Insider’s Guide to Kauai Golf



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The incredibly useful 2024 Insider’s Guide to Kauai Golf is now available to all comers. If you’re looking for substantive savings on Kauai golf and insider alternatives to the high cost of resort golf on Kauai, this is the one ‘must-see’ item for your Kauai golf vacation. There are several offers you will just never find otherwise. Get it here and get it now along with a bonus copy of our Kauai Dining Insider.

Upon completing your order, you will receive an invoice/receipt on your screen, with a bright green box under the heading “DOWNLOAD” on the right side. Just click the green box your copy of our exclusive 2024 Insider’s Guide to Kauai Golf and the Kauai Dining Insider will download to your computer or device. Great information and big savings! There are absolutely no charges for handling and we will send you an email update if and when new rates or programs are discovered. However, please be advised, there are no refunds whatsoever for the 2024 Insider’s Guide to Kauai Golf once you have completed your order. Remember, click the green box under the “DOWNLOAD” heading on the invoice/receipt on your screen when you’re order has been completely processed.

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